Sunday, December 5, 2010

Top Four Pictures (Part 2)

My group chose these four as the best ones. They really liked the differences between having my ear bedazzled and having my earrings out.
The lighting effects worked pretty well in achieving the dark crevices inside the ear space. There is a good amount of shading and use of space in the pictures. Unfortunately getting so close up made a lot of them fuzzy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sontag Writing Assignment

The purpose of this photo is to capture a fun moment and to be able to look back in nostalgia at how entertaining that day was. The people in this photo that I took are my sister in law and my little nephew. The context of this photo is always different. It could be shown to someone to prove a point, show an example or just to show for fun. It can also be seen by skimming through photos in which it wont be looked at for too long.

This photo was mostly to advertise for my own sake. My friend took it while at Disney World and i intended it to be shown as a profile picture. Also to show how adorable Stich is. I let it be viewed by anyone, mostly my friends. It's out for the world to see since it's on the internet.

I found this picture and I don't know who took it, but i would love to be in their place. I love this play. The purpose of this was probably to advertise the play and give people a bit of what it looks like. it is intended for would be customers and the public.

Representational Form Part 2!

















Sunday, November 14, 2010